Sunday, August 27, 2006


So for my first entry I went a bit NY Underground with the incredibly unique Can Ox member: Vast Aire. This week, I decided to give some deserved props to what many will consider an uber-mainstream Emcee in MISSY “MISDEMEANOR” ELLIOT.

This lady from Virginia has been professionally rocking the mike with her soulful, playful flow for over 10 years now…and although she’s lost a bit of her charming ways since limiting her collaboration with friend and super-producer Tim “Timbaland” Mosley…I still consider her one of the best female Emcees of all time.

Her flow is one of the most unique deliveries ever heard…so much so that in the rare occasion when someone tries to copy Missy’s flow (like Fergy on “London Bridge”…am I crazy…or does it seam like Missy ghost wrote the rhymes on this track???) it SCREAMS of Missy’s style and personality.

Most popular female rappers deliver their rhymes with a cadence and tone that sounds awfully masculine…spitting rhymes with a gruff braggadocio that many times makes it very easy to mistaken the female rhymesayer for a man. Missy Elliot is one of the few exceptions. Her flows always feel fun, a little crazy, and a 100% female!

Included below are:
“Funky Fresh Dressed”- an awesome showcase of Missy at her best.
“Cold Rocks The Party”-the first track I’ve ever heard Missy flow on…back in 1996!
“London Bridge”- let’s not get confused, this track is by FERGY…but it’s a complete COPY of what makes MISSY ELLIOT, MISSY ELLIOT!

My favorite bit from “Funky Fresh Dressed”:
It's very necessary, on the contrary
No you do not scare me, as you drink your Bloody Mary
Police, you better hurry, before I have to bury
My attitude is bitchy, cuz my period is heavy

[MP3] Missy Elliot :: Funky Fresh Dressed
[MP3] MC Lyte feat. Missy :: Cold Rocks Da Party
[MP3] Fergy :: London Bridge

Muttpop Bob


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