Thursday, August 24, 2006

More Seksu

Just in case I haven't mentioned Asobi Seksu enough, here's a few tracks from my new favorite album of the moment, Citrus. Asobi Seksu is equal parts J-poppy goodness and shoegazer fuzzballiness with a dose of psychedelically delicious artwork done by the amazing Sean McCabe. In their second outing, Asobi Seksu is more mature, and much to my liking, a little more lighthearted and playful. I know that this album came out months ago, but I do things on my own time, so I hope you’ll enjoy these gems if you haven’t discovered them already.

[MP3] Asobi Seksu :: Strawberries
[MP3] Asobi Seksu :: Goodbye

Asobi Seksu's website
Sean McCabe's can be found here and here

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ps. there's more Asobi Seksu here and here


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