Monday, August 21, 2006

Aloha: From Da Islands With Love

[Hippo Note: I see that Bruce Banner is trying to talk ish while everyone was out of town. Once we get back in town, he crosses it out. How convenient for him. I could go back at him, but I just got back from vacation, have tons of work to catch up on, this post to put up, and I’m also moving…so I got more important things to do.]

Back from a little vacation in Hawai’i. I return tanned, fatter, and refreshed. Apologizes to all the Exclusive Heads if I wasn’t able to hook you up with the new Outkast and Kelis albums. But where I was staying, there were no computers, running water, cell phone connection, etc. Now back to the modern technology & the daily grind (unfortunately not grindz). But will definitely remember hangin’ with the fam, cruisin’ around the islands, and Waiola Shave Ice – 2135 Waiola Ave. (the original local) & 535 Kapahulu Blvd. (you trippin’ if you still on Matsumoto’s brah!). Here are 3 tracks that’ll remind me of this trip:

[MP3] Bob Marley :: Sun is Shining
(Thanks to DJ Po-Lo for hooking me up with this classic on vinyl & some of Da Islands finest pakalolo.)

[MP3] K-Salaam feat. Mos Def and Sizzla :: Victory
(The hotness produced by K-Salaam with a more soulful Mos (my favorite kine Mos) & Sizzla spittin’ hot fire! This track was bumpin’ at club NJOY. Also a mahalo goes out to Kicks/HI for hooking dis bruddah up with the fresh T. Definitely pick up Salaam’s The World Is Ours if you haven’t yet, cause Salaam is one of the best reggae/hip-hop producers around & the album features Talib Kweli, Papoose, Rakaa from Dilated Peoples, Capleton, Saigon, Dead Prez and many more.)

[MP3] Israel Kamakawiwo'ole :: Hawaii '78
(Nobody held it down for the Hawaiian Nation like IZ . RIP.)

Da 2 otha best things about Da Islands (besides da sounds & da pakalolo):
da grindz & da…



Anonymous Anonymous said...

missed you!

8:35 AM  
Blogger Mista Hippo said...

Mahalo for da love. Didn't put up this youtube clip (since Banner keeps trippin' about it) of my other favorite thing about Da Islands:
Dog The Bounty Hunter!

12:38 AM  

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