Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Some Technical (and not-so-technical) Notes

1) Our RSS feed is finally up (click on the "RSS Subscribe" button beneath the links section). If you're slow like I am, an RSS feed is basically a way to keep up with blogs you regularly read. If you subscribe to a feed from a certain site, you'll be notified when the site is updated and sent either a link to the new content, or the content itself. For more information, on what RSS feeds are, you can read up a bit on it here. It's a great time saver.

2) I just got greasemonkey, an easy to use music player that places a play button next to MP3 files so that you can listen to the songs before you download it. If you're like me and surf MP3 blogs regularly, this can save you a LOT of time. More on how to install/download the player here.

3) Muttpop and Mista H. are on vacation. Woohoo! Time to delete their posts...I mean, writing up Vast Aire and Xtina?!! Ugh. And can you put up any MORE youtube videos on this @#ing site?!?! I thought this was a music blog, s%&tttt. And what’s up with Muttpop’s response to my post on Raekwon!?!? WEAK!!!!!! Then Mista H. tries and instigate more s&%t!? His sorry ass can stay in Hawaii for all I care. Good-for-nothing mutha$%*&!s…

|bruce banner| (stay angry)


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