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El-P aka El Producto. Former member of Company Flow. Founding father of the Definitive Jux Record Label. Super Producer. Emcee.

Although I’ve always had a great deal of respect for El-P’s intent, it was his verse on “We’re Famous” (off of Aesop Rock’s Bazooka Tooth Album from 2003) that really showed me his ability as a rhymesayer.

El-P’s flows are incredibly dense…at times to the point of non-comprehension (at least to my ears)…but the pace of the “We’re Famous” beat slows El-P down just enough to decipher every word he spits. Lucky for us, the man had a lot to say!

El-P goes BEYOND typical shit talking and breaks down what’s wrong with the Hip Hop Culture/Industry (or more correctly what’s NOT wrong). Amidst it all, he firmly deciphers what he has contributed and continues to contribute to the art form.

A little sampling of El P’s verse on “We’re Famous”:

So when I finally blew up I remained sick
Earning respect in ghettos and 'burbs for word placement
Back when the independent scene remained faceless
We were the only crew who promised your ass we'd take it
Mold it, shape it, living outside the matrix
Hold it, make it, more than miniature major labels
Hold it sacred, living it for the culture
Told ya plainly, protected it from the vultures
That's why I always get respect from true soldiers
That laugh at the critics claiming every year:
"Hip hop's over."
FUCK YOU, hip hop just started
It's funny how the most nostalgic cats are the ones who were never part of it
But true veterans'll give dap to those who started it
Then humbly move the fuck on and come with that new retarded shit
New slang, new thought, new sound, new heart,
You thought you hang, you clown, you don't, you drown
I won't dumb it down, I'm dumbing out with these rounds
I'm alive, motherfucker, plus I'm gunning for clowns
You're a mime motherfucker, don't be coming for pounds
'Til you can break out of that invisible box, you're not down

[MP3] Aesop Rock feat. El-P :: We're Famous

Muttpop Bob


Anonymous doctashock said...

I know you guys have been peeping out the blog for Producto's new album:


Interesting reading for sure. I'll admit at first El-P's style took awhile to grow on me, but once I figured out what the fuck was going on in his flow I couldn't get enough. With all of the shit he's been producing, the people he's been collaborating with and running Def Jux I'd venture to nominate him for the hardest working cat in hip-hop today. (Yes I know Doom probably wins the award, but El deserves a mention as well as Madlib).

In other news I've been hard at work assembling my crack team of music writers and I'm hoping to launch our blog by the end of the month. I've got a lot of ideas for it and of course you guys will be at the top of the list for a mention and and crosslink. I'll keep you updated and any tips you'd like to pass along would be more than welcome.

10:40 PM  
Blogger Muttpop Bob said...


Call me ignorant, but I had NO CLUE that El-P was doing the blog thing. Thanks!

I'm really looking forward to a new album.

That's awesome about beginning the blog thing. The hardest part is starting...can't wait to check it out once you guys have it up.
Only tip I can think of is keep a schedule that every writer can be held accountable for. We've divied out a day that each of us are responsible for.

It's a nice approach because it forces each of us to commit to a regular schedule that fills a bit more manageable.

Good luck!

-Muttpop Bob

8:22 AM  

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