Monday, June 16, 2008


Putting P.I.C.'s sound into words is no easy task, but perhaps they say it best with the title of their debut album, "hiphopunkfunkmamboska" - although you might want to throw in big band jazz somewhere in there too, and you'd still be lacking in descriptives. All that aside, I love their sound - it's big, brassy, and straight infectious with upbeat, smooth emceeing. P.I.C. is one of those bands who you just hear and you knowww they could turn a party out. I've also been impressed with their DIY music videos that always come with creative concepts that easily put big budget videos to shame. In a time when hip hop seems strapped for freshness and imagination, P.I.C. bring it back in a new way in their 4th release, El Nova Hustle.

[MP3] P.I.C. :: Alnova Do That
[MP3] P.I.C. :: Hard Look Case
[MP3] P.I.C. :: Caramel Love

[Video] P.I.C. :: Fonzarelli (Arthur's Theme)

P.I.C.'s Site
El Nova Hustle on itunes

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