Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hip Hop Love

(Click on the tape for the mix)

If you've been checking out Getdownn for a minute now, you know that I love personal mixes and I have a special place for hip hop love songs. While I love my '90s R&B, that ish just gets too sappy and over the top sometimes, and hip hop love joints always strike a nice balance between the saccharine and the real. Not only that, it's a nice break from the tired posing and braggadocio of a lot of hip hop on the airwaves. That said, what could be better than a mix of my favorite hip hop love songs on my new obssession, muxtape.com? Although it's somewhat of a pain to upload your own songs, and you're limited to 12 songs, I love the simplicity and aesthetics of the site, and somehow that picture of the cassette really brings it back for me.

While I really had to narrow down my list of favorites and even cut out the staples like I Used to Love H.E.R. and You Got Me, at the moment I'm really feelin' some of these lesser known tracks . If you don't check out any others, be sure to Real Love, Luv (Sic) Pt. 2, and Q-Tip's panty-droppin' classic Say Something for Me. I'd love to hear any suggestions you all might have, so if you've got any, hit me up in the comments.

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Blogger Muttpop Bob said...

Thanks for the mixtape.

I've been listen to it all day.

Perfect vibe to relax and focus to.


1:10 PM  
Blogger bruce banner said...

dope, glad u like it MPB - yeah after i heard that bahamadia track, i knew i had to put this together...

11:49 PM  

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