Wednesday, January 09, 2008


There's no way I'm going to let Hippo get away with making up stories about me. First off, if you look carefully at the picture sequence, I don't remotely look like that kid (I was too busy tearin' it up on the North Shore anyways, ha!), and second, notice how Hippo flipped the 10 year old kid off his board before he even started to fall? What an ass@#$!!! But if you knew Hippo, you'd wouldn't expect anything less and you'd know that making up stories is second nature to him. Trash talking aside though, how can you not love Hawaii? Plate lunches stacked high, rainbow shave ice with vanilla ice cream to cool you off, and the sublime beauty of the island and it's people, you can't help but just be.

I don't know if it's something in the air or the water, but I couldn't help bumpin' some reggae while we cruised around the island. Normally, even during LA summers, I'm not that much of a reggae fan, but somehow, I couldn't stop playing Vinroc's mix, and had to add my own favorites for a slow drive in the Caddy.

[MP3] Max Romeo :: Chase the Devil
Most of you may have heard this when Kanye sampled this cut for Jay-Z's Lucifer, but don't just listen to it for that reason- this one, produced by the legendary Lee "Scratch" Perry is one of my favorites off the classic War Inna Babylon album.

[MP3] I Wayne :: Living in Love
I came up on this track off Vinroc's Reggae Roots Stuff mix, and had to download this dancehall banger as soon as I got home and have been playing it nonstop. I Wayne's youthful, lilting vocals go well over the hard times riddim and will no doubt have your head bobbing.

[MP3] Sister Nancy :: Hair
Although Sister Nancy is mostly known for her reggae mix mainstay "Bam Bam", her catalog runs much deeper than that song alone. "Hair" is a propulsive dancehall track with an infectious groove that truly showcases Sister Nancy's skills on the mic.

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