Sunday, January 06, 2008

Aloha! Getdownnn Sucka!!!

Well, the GETDOWNNN crew has been sort of MIA, that's what the holidays will do (spending time with fam, friends, travelling, etc.). But we back now and hope you had a wonderful break. My boy banner came over to HI to visit. Lots of good times, good food (maybe a food blog in the near future???), but for his own safety, I had to take banner's board (see sequence above).
Now to the music, cruisin' around the islands, here is what we were bumping:

[MP3] Vinroc :: Reggae Roots & Stuff
{To me, Vinroc is one of the most slept on mix DJs around. The East Coast J-Rocc. Those who know, probably know him from the dope So Much Soul series & Reconstruction...classics. And you have to have Reggae bumpin' in HI.}
[MP3] Vinroc :: Outkast (The Cadillac Mix)
{Very appropriate for the ride.}
[MP3] DJ Mike Rizzy :: Feel Good Mix
{We have him linked up. I highly recommend peepin' the Neptunes & 80's mixes as well. Keeping my fingers crossed for more producer themed mixes.}
[MP3] Ne-Yo :: Go On Girl
[MP3] Outkast feat. Babyface :: Jazzy Belle (Swift C's Remix)
{banner wanted to hear Babyface go foul.}

Vinroc's Myspace

Everytime you in the West, I snatch that chain off ya' chest.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

are those pics for real?
love the mike rizzy, but the link doesnt work.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous DJ Mike Rizzy said...

Yo what's the deal this is DJ Mike Rizzy from VA. Just want to thank all the people here at Getdownnn for showing me love and for doing exactly what i'm trying to do and that's keeping real music alive. Shout out to Mista Hippo and Bruce Banner. Much love. Out.

8:57 PM  
Blogger bruce banner said...

anonymous - unfortunately, yeah, those pics are real and hippo probably won't let anyone forget that story for another 10 years...not sure why the link was working before, but it should be up now...be sure to check out his website for other mixes, all available for free - the feel good mix is definitely my favorite though.

rizzy - thanks for stopping by, again, i'm loving those mixes. i really like how there's songs that you're familiar with and remember growing up and then some new ones you slept on back when...i'll keep checking for updates. peace!

12:06 PM  
Blogger Mista Hippo said...

banner is just upset cause he spent more time eating coral reef than actually up on the board. The pics are really real.
DJ Mike Rizzystilskin!!! Thanks for the love mang. You read my mind, cause I've been fiendin' for a gangsta mix and was workin' on doin' a post all G'd up. Dre is the base of that sound. Bless us with a Primo mix!

9:32 PM  

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