Saturday, December 08, 2007

What's Next: Ken Oak Band

I never thought it could be like this. Not in my most far fetched imagination. But here is another What’s Next installment (finally, and without the ugly "Ju-on" kid). Some of you are probably thinking, ‘Great, somehow this guy thinks he’s found something new and now its show-and-tell time.’ But it’s because you, the GETDOWNNN fans, keep sending me stuff to check out. So many thanks. It’s been cool so far, because I haven’t disliked anything that you’ve pointed me to, and at the very least my music library continues to grow. So please feel free or continue to hit me up with songs and suggestions (maybe I’m asking for trouble?). And if I like it I’ll post it up for sure...just might take some time, like this one (over a year late).

With all that being said, a loyal GETDOWNNNer whose been checking us out since basically the beginning, suggested that I try listening to some of the Ken Oak Band. I thought she had good taste in music, so why not. At first, it reminded me of the overall sound of Yellowcard, but instead of a violin a cello is used. But with time, I think the mood of the music is much darker and deeper. Check them out for yourself:

[MP3] Ken Oak Band :: Summer’s Kiss
[MP3] Ken Oak Band :: Long Ride
[MP3] Ken Oak Band :: Intangible
[MP3] Ken Oak Band :: Midnight Cries
[MP3] Yellowcard :: Ocean Ave. (acoustic version)


Solid Oak.


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