Friday, January 18, 2008

High Post Pass

{I did this when I was in the 3rd grade...I killed with puffy paint!!!}

{Ahead of the curve, over a decade later Adidas does it + 3 more rings.}

Sometimes it can be a little rough coming up with ideas to write these posts. This is one of those times for me. So I take cue from two of the other writers here at GD.

First Half:

Since MPB set it off with his Lakers post, I thought to myself, why hasn't the #1 Lakers fan in the world done a Laker's post yet. So here it is (you'll notice the selection of music was from when certain players were still Lakers, after they left...they dead to me).

[MP3] Shaquille O'Neal feat. Peter Gunz :: The Way It's Going Down (T.W.IsM. For Life)
{To me, Shaq is still hands down the best athlete to cross over to the rap world...ever.}
[MP3] The 1987 World Champion Lakers :: Just Say No
{One of the best teams ever...with one of the worst songs ever. I bought the record for the cover art.}
[VIDEO] Cedric Ceballos :: Flow On

Now that Bynum's hurt, maybe the Laker's season ain't over, but maybe we should try to position ourselves to draft this guy. Or maybe Magic can come back again (I miss those old NBA videotapes...damn, did I just say videotapes)???

Second Half:
Saw that banner put up a very funny Chris Rock sketch from back in his SNL days. Here are some of my favorite tracks (all produced by Prince Paul no doubt!):

[MP3] Chris Rock :: Press Conference
[MP3] Chris Rock :: Roger & Zapp
{Maybe Snoop is trying to be a comedian too?}
[MP3] Chris Rock :: Porno PSA
{Sort of like Jay-Z's 'PSA'?}

I'll eat my words from a few years ago, Mitch Kupchak should be Executive of the Year (should be called the Jerry West award) this season (getting Bynum, Farmar, Ariza, bringing Fisher back). Either him or Kevin McHale, for how he rebuilt the...Celtics (it was like this for Laker fans the day we got Shaq).

Game Over.



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Just found this:
Does anybody know anything about this show? Wish I could have been there.

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