Monday, January 14, 2008

Hold On I'm Coming

It's unfortunate that the career of Erma Franklin was sidelined by bad luck and outshined by that of her sister, Aretha, because Erma really had all the makings of a star. Born in Shelby, Missouri, Erma started singing at the age of five in the church of her well-known father, the Reverend Clarence Franklin, with her sisters Aretha and Carolyn. Despite showings of such great potential, Erma's career began to falter after being denied a contract on the Chess label that eventually convinced her (along with her father's pressure) to focus on her education rather than singing. Nonetheless, Erma later signed to Epic and Shot records, where she recorded the hit song "Piece of My Heart." Eventually, she began singing backup for her sister, but her career never quite picked up as it should have despite her talents. While she doesn't get the recognition she deserves, she certainly leaves a small, but great catalog behind.

[MP3] Erma Franklin :: Hold On I'm Coming
In an interview Erma remarked, "My musical influences were what we called flat-footed gospel singers, they didn't need any routines or other musical gimmicks to get over, they just stood flat-footed and tore the house down." For me, this song exemplifies that influence - I love how the song opens with rambunctious, blaring horns and is driven by a rollicking piano - this one is pure energy and a great display of Erma's vocal talents that would definitely take the house down. Thanks to Souled On for this one.

[MP3] Erma Franklin :: Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart
What can I say about this one that hasn't been said already? Written by Jerry Ragovoy and Bert Berns for Erma in 1967, it's really too bad that most people associate Janis Joplin with this song. I've heard Janis' remake, and no disrespect, but she's got nothing on Erma. What makes this such a great song is how Erma wears her heart on her sleeve and puts herself out there - it's both painfully vulnerable yet steadfastly defiant at the same time. This is one of my favorite soul tracks everrrrr.

[MP3] Erma Franklin :: Change My Thoughts From You
Another song that opens strong, the piano and kick drum grab you from the outset and won't let you get away.

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Blogger Travis said...

"Hold On I'm Coming" is one of my favorite non hip hop songs of all-time. Great stuff.

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