Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Slept On: Transportation For The People

It's been a minute since the last time I did a Slept On post (ok, more than a year), but I thought the timing on this one is appropriate (and please continue to be patient, I will get around to doing another What's Next post soon). I just picked up the new Freeway album, Free At Last, and speaking in minutes, it's been more than a minute since Free dropped his last/debut album, Philadelphia Freeway (4 years ago). And there have been many reason, including the fall of the Dame Dash/Jay-Z Rock-A-Fella Records and some beef with Just Blaze (if you haven't checked out his blog, we have Megatron Don linked up here, and it's definitely worthwhile.) Anyways, listening to Free At Last, just confirmed what MPB was trying to tell me back in 2003, Freeway has it on lock down, especially when it comes to intensity. Not since the heydays of Ice Cube have I felt like playing ball to this. And even though the album could have used a little Blaze and Kanye, it's solid.

[MP3] Freeway :: It's Over
{I know this isn't Just Blaze, but damn it sounds awfully close. Jake One jacked one?}
[MP3] Freeway :: I Cry
[MP3] Freeway :: Nuttin' On Me
{Again, did Needlz poke J. Blaze?}

And that brings us to the Slept On portion of this post. Like a lot of people I really missed the boat on Philadelphia Freeway. I think I was still blinded by the light that Jay-Z's Blueprint brought a few years earlier. With primary production by Just Blaze and Kanye West (before 'Ye was 'YE), you can't go wrong there. I still remember MPB bumping this sh*t out while we drove through Pasadena.

[MP3] Freeway :: Alright
[MP3] Freeway :: Hear The Song
{Kanye comes with it.}
[MP3] Freeway :: Line 'Em Up
{Something bout that Blaze & Free mix, that makes me want to Work It Out.}

Speaking of missing Just Blaze, look out for the new/debut from Saigon. You've probably heard of him from 'unsigned hype' or Entourage or somewhere underground. But he's supposed to bring the heat to hip-hop like Lupe has. With some setbacks, he's finally getting down with most of the production done by his buddy, J. Blaze. Just a little tease, from the street tape The Moral Of The Story, of what's to come very soon (The Greatest Story Never Told in 2008?):

[MP3] Saigon feat. Al B. Sure :: Homegirl
{I've been waiting since '88 for a dope track with Al B., this is it.}
[MP3] Saigon :: Wake Up
{Exactly. Can't you see Pharoahe Monch just killing this beat?}
[MP3] Saigon feat. Memphis Bleek :: Ryders (Da Ville To Da Stuy)
{Something bout that Blaze & Sai mix, that makes we want to Work It Out.}

Even a hippopotamus sleeps.


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