Sunday, August 06, 2006

Get Lifted

B.B: A few weeks ago, I came across this Chemical Brothers video with record-slinging, boombox-toting kung-fu badasses rhymin' about getting fadeded and knew that I had to put this up. I couldn't just post the video by itself, but it was clear enough what I should write on, and who I needed to consult with. A few minutes later, I was flashing my pointy-leafed distress signal into the night sky, and within moments I heard screeching tires and Mista H. and Tadillac were at my door with a bowl and the perfect joints (as in songs, weedhead) for getting splifted. Despite what Mista H. or Tadillac might say about being amateurs in the game, don't be fooled; they have greenery growing under their fingernails and ooze with the stickiness.

Enough with the BS, take these songs with a dose of norcal ishhh and touch the sky.

[MP3] Diamond D :: Stunts, Blunts, and Hip Hop
What else is there to say? Head noddin beats and easy flows, an obvious choice on this topic.
[MP3] Keith Murray :: Most Beautiful Thing
“The most beatifullest thing in the word is just like thattttt, I get in ya!!!” sing it, damnit.
[MP3] Fat Joe :: The Shit is Real (DJ Premier Remix)
When Primo touches something, does he ever go wrong?
[MP3] Cee-Lo :: Bass Head Jazz
Yes, the guy from Gnarls Barkley, I loved this album.

|bruce banner|

Mista H: When Bruce Banner first asked me to write on the subject, I was honest and told him that I really didn’t know anything at all about it (besides the prescription medicine I take for my migraines). So I really had to do some research, not only on the songs, but on the general topic itself. And since Bruce set such hard guidelines with only wanting our top 3, I didn’t want to go with the obvious anthems: Peter Tosh's "Legalize It," Red & Meth's "How High," Cypress Hill's "Hits From the Bong," or anything by Sublime, Bob Marley or Jimi Hendrix. And of course Dr. Dre's The Chronic would have to stay in the crate as well (that combined with Cali's finest enabled me to study to a 1400 on my SATs…I’ve had headaches for a while now). So here are my three:

[MP3] Faze-O :: Riding High

For all you OG West Coasters. No other.

[MP3] TV on the Radio :: A Method
For me this totally represents the beach during summertime for me. Something about it sounding like an updated Beach Boys track. It was between this and Ben Harper’s “Burn One Down” a.k.a. - Hawaiian summers, where the sun burns longer brah!

[MP3] Slum Village :: Players
It was a toss up between something off of SV’s groundbreaking classic Fantastic, Vol. 2 (which introduced most of the world to a fella named Jay Dee/J. Dilla) or a track off of NERD’s classic In Search Of....I opted for “Players” because it’s got a mellow spookiness with those haunting voices that can keep you in a trance for days. Plus the ladies like it too and I guess I like ghostly harmonies. And you can always flip it to the b-side to “Raise It Up” (the first soft voice to loud voice track, Busta Rhymes just took it to the next level with “Touch It”). The keys on that song should keep you busy.

And I would have put a Quasimoto song up, since the only time that I can understand and like the dude's rhymes is when I get migraines, otherwise I’m at a loss. So he didn’t make the list this time.

Oh yeah, and of course the hidden gem out of all of songs is...I forgot.


Bruce Banner and Mista H: This next homie has been holdin' down the West with the best Bob Marley since the times when Ice Cube was just an MC. Recently released from county, looking for booty calls, he can be reached here. He also makes "films" (ifyaknowwhatimean) so if you're looking for your big break, hit him up.

[MP3] Humble Soul:: Pakalolo Sweet
For y’all who don't know, pakalolo is what they call bud out in Hawai'i.
I first heard this song on a mixtape from a friend out there. Not only does it have that "mellow mood" island-style to remind you to take a break from this hectic-ass world we live in and appreciate one of life's sticky-icky pleasures, but it also has the romantical lyrics of a love song which gives it bedroom potential...an articulate way of saying, "girl (or dude), i lub you almost as much as i lub weed!"

[MP3] Ben Harper :: Burn One Down
So if pakalolo sweet is the song you play with the wifey, then “Burn One Down” is the shit that you bump with the homie. This joint is one of those campfire sing-a-long songs that is easy to memorize and is fun to sing while passing the bleezy amongst good company. Just don't play it with granola-ass mufuckas from the bay cause they always bust out their African-talking-drum and try to play along...like my friend Ali always says, "the only thing worse than a white man with dreadz is a white woman with dreadz."

[MP3] Warren G., Mista Grimm & Nate Dizzle :: Indo Smoke
"Woo! Hey now ya know"...yeah thats right, it was the summer '93, West coast hip-hop had officially taken-over, Poetic Justice was out in theaters, and your boy was smokin' the world's worst weed out of an apple...and lovin' it! Like many other people, this song was the soundtrack to all my sessions back when i used to rock the Ben Davis shirt, Looney Tunes watch and referred to the year as the "nine-tray." "Ooh, I think I'm in love."



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