Saturday, June 05, 2010

Time Out: Happy 4th Birthday!


Snoop Dogg - Can't Say Goodbye (Featuring Charlie Wilson)

A lot done changed in the 4 years since we first started this ride. For 1, it seems like music blogs have come and gone, reinvented themselves, and straight jacked the game in process. GD was not immune from change, as we've gone from criminal minded to a video clip site, back again. It seems like the whole music blog scene has been on the decline and as such, we are going to take some time to reevaluate how to flip it and keep it fresh for you and us. So at this time, we are gonna take a little timeout. Hopefully we'll come back stronger with around the back jams. For those 10 of you who have been down since Day 1 and continue to follow us, arigato. And for those of you who give a sh*t, hit us up, & make sure no matter what, you continue to GETDOWNNN.



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