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Greetings all. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It has been a minute since I last shared my thoughts with you all. Today I will take the time to edumacate all of you on mixtapes. In the beginning, a mixtape constituted of songs that one used to record and compile into a cassette tape. There were many ways to do this. You could go and cop new cassette tapes that were like 60, 90, and 120 minutes long from your local store and record on them.

As for me, I bought the 120 minute ones so I could capitalize on the minutes available. I used to use this ghettoass boombox that I jacked from my pops. I was in my early teens, and too broke to afford new tapes, so I would apply scotch tape over the holes on the rear spine of the cassette, and reuse them over and over again. Shoot... I would even jack my little sister's Paula Abdul and Whitney Houston's Bodyguard Soundtrack tape so I could record over them with tracks from my favorite "urban station" and edit out the commercials and compile a dope tape. Don't you just hate it when you try to make a clean dope mixtape, and radio DJs speak over the song, or you hear this synthesized voice repeating "this is an exclusive"??? I know I had to delete that mess off, and wait hours for a track in its entirety to come back on for me to record...

Well basically this way of compiling dope tracks onto tape concept spilt over to the "mixtape" game that we see today. Unlike average joes like me, DJ mixtapes would be mixed, blended, and have their own unique theme, interlude, sound, dialouge, blah blah blah... (Tony Touch used to take bits and pieces from the movie Scarface and put it out there...)

In my humble opinion, mixtapes were at their hiatus during the 90s. Those surely were the days... We had mixtapes by Ron G, Tony Touch, the DooWop brothers. Heck.. I used to even fuck with DJ Clue's mixtape when he wasn't mainstream....

Anyways, you are wondering where am I going with this... So I will just go ahead and say it...The mixtape game today is purely garbage... DJs are releasing all kinds of caca/doo-doo... DJ Drama? Whoo Kid? What kinda crap is this? When G-Unit, Lil' Wayne, and a bunch of Texas Screw music folks are releasing mixtapes, there is something inherently wrong with the mixtape game.

Thus, I lost all faith on mixtapes until recently. I heard of this mixtape called "A Tribe Called Fresh" by this one cat out of the BX called Daytona. He is affiliated with DJ Cipha Sounds. For those of you that don't know Cipha Sounds is this cat that managed Nina Sky. You can also check him out on MTV's TRL and all that bullsh*t.

Basically "A Tribe Called Fresh" is a mixtape with Daytona rapping over classic Tribe tracks like "Can I Kick It," "Award Tour," "Stressed Out." This mixtape even revised bunch of interludes from the original Tribe albums. Daytona really brought a rugged and raw appeal to these timeless tracks. While the beats are classic Tribe, Daytona's lyrical content will touch upon topics such as yayo, vagina, fresh clothing/gear, money, car, and all the other conventional topics that rap artists obsess with.

For those of you that know me, I enjoy these forementioned topics, so I had no problem bumping"A Tribe Called Fresh" in my ipod and car and listening to it over and over. I also respected this mixtape because it touched upon the current state of hip-hop and hip-hop lifestyle/fashion. "A Tribe Called Fresh" mixtape is a great course for all of you fugly hipster tight jean/hightop wearing Kanye-like MCs, and you fugly thugs with fitted 8-and-a-half Elmer Fudd Yankee cap when you really aren't from NY.

Here is a link of "A Tribe Called Fresh" for you guys to click on and do whatever you wish to do. By the way, that linked site is not mine, so if you attempt any legal bullsh*t on me, I promise that you will get dealt with. Enjoy the ride!!!

[Mixtape ] Daytona :: A Tribe Called Fresh


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Blogger debstar said...

lol at "all the conventional topics that rap artists obsess over".

you're back with a bang

9:57 PM  
Blogger kangbang said...

ahhh yes... we really can't have rap music without the fundamentals...

8:15 AM  

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