Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fashion Forward

Andre 3000 is a bada$. Kanye and Pharrell wish they could be him. Now homeboy is coming out with a clothing line, Benjamin Bixby, that sounds more interesting than an oversized Polo shirt with a big logo on it. Some of my favorite, lesser-known, Andre 3000 musical moments (besides some of the other ones we've already posted).

[MP3] Outkast :: Humble Mumble
{Does it get any better than this? One of my favorite songs ever.}

{Andre steals the show again in Fonzworth Bentley's "Everybody" also featuring Kanye West and Sa-Ra.}

There's too many to choose from and more to come, I'm sure (just less Semi-Pro and more biopics please).

Is do you want to live or wanna exist
The game changes everyday so obsolete is the fist and marches
Speeches only reaches those who already know about it
This is how we go about it



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