Sunday, July 06, 2008

in his arms she fell

i'd like to take this opportunity to inform and educate you folks with the disgusting reality of human trafficking in many parts of the world. Children and women of different ages and ethnicities, being sold for the price of sex and/or slavery. Human trafficking is estimated to be a $5-$9 billion a year industry, mostly coming for the world wide web, ahhh fuck the internet!

now for the music part of this portion.

Mr. J Medeiros of the Procussions, totally set up this dope ass anti child trafficking movement, after writting "Constance", this song has inspired a international human rights movement called " the constance campaign", to learn more about this movement, and how you can help or just inform folks whats going on, please visit humantrafficking.org.

Mr. J totally did not sugarcoat anything with the lyrics to "Constance", listen to every word he says, or open another tab on your explorer/firefox and search for the lyrics, and read a long while he tells you the story of Constance...Mr J, in a interview said, "A large part of hip-hop's identity has been formed through a consistent disregard to a women’s civil rights...Most of the album is about what we (I) make gods out of, the idea's men have about women and how those two interact in both a dangerous and beautiful way...there is a focus on women in this album with a hope that in man’s recognition of woman as an equal we will be creating safer environments for women in what, for the most part, has been a "mans" world...hiphop."- word up, J. Definitely folks, check out his album.

I'm sure everyone has heard this song, and know about whats going on, but I thought I'd remind everyone this shit is still going on..

[MP3] Mr J Medeiros :: Constance

will you stay with me?

//_ interrupt3ds0ul


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great posts ladies.

2:35 PM  
Blogger debstar said...

i appreciate this song, cuz it makes this issue closer to home. it really makes you think about how sex trafficking affects both women in other countries victimized by sex tourism and also those of us here who condone it or want to pretend like it doesn't exist.

props to him for shedding light on this issue. and you for posting this - thanks!

9:59 PM  

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