Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Common done lost his mind. I was listening to this song today and I almost ate it hard on the sidewalk cuz the lyrics caught me off guard.

Freakshow on the dancefloor is that you I smell?
Imma give that ass some room
Better yet, let's fuck in the bathroom
If we have room it's a full moon

I heard this cut came out in 2000 and yeah I know, the production is catchy BUT STILL... it's Common for gods sakes. As in I rhyme to Retrospect for Life, The Light, Love of my Life, and Used to Love H.E.R. Common Sense. You with me on this one or do you have a different opinion?

[MP3] Common ft. Armand Van Helden :: Full Moon

Blah humbug. Here's an ode to hip hop machismo, lest we forget.

[MP3] Jemeni :: No More Dating DJ's

...solemnly swears never to date anymore DJ's, emcees, spoken word artists, producers or hip hop critics.


Blogger First Lady of MADE said...

oh c'mon now debstar, you've never "fucked in the bathroom" during a "full moon"...chiiild you haven't lived then! hahaha!

i don't know what made me laugh more about this entry the fact that Common "done lost his mind" or the visual of you almost eating shit on the sidewalk for the millionth time. likely the latter.

10:48 PM  
Blogger debstar said...

i will likely not be fucking anyone in the bathroom anytime soon. it's just way too exciting for me.

i'd rather eat it on the sidewalk.

9:54 PM  

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