Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Return of the Mak

Since I already wrote about Nomak in a previous post, I won't go on about him again, but I will say that to me, Nomak's got a fresh sound. I'm not trying to say he's doing anything revolutionary on the boards or bangin' out the future of hip hop, but it definitely does have a different vibe that's chill, smooth, and has clear Japanese influences. If you like what you hear below, head over to Miyomi's Music and download Nomak's entire Recalm album which features remixes of his best joints by some talented Japanese producers - yes it's that dope.

[MP3] Nomak :: Geishas in the Days (feat. Pismo remixed by Shin-Ski)
[MP3] Nomak :: Onepeace (feat. Aaron Phiri remixed by DJ Deckstream)
[MP3] Nomak :: If I was Peace (feat. Fat Jon remixed by I.N.T.)

Nomak's Myspace

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Blogger Melody.Darlene said...

thanks for the heads up! i mos def will check him out!

3:23 PM  

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