Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Premier Still Does

When I first heard about Primo working with Christina Aguilera on a few tracks off her new album Back To The Basics (click on link),…is exactly what I thought. Then I heard their lead single “Ain’t No Other Man” (click on link again),…and that is exactly what I wanted to do. Granted Primo needs to eat and Gang Starr’s last effort, The Ownerz, wasn’t met with open arms from the masses or even long time Gang Starr fans. But I mean come on, for the God of Hip-hop production/DJing to be doing this was like…well you saw the links.

If Rakim was the MC to influence all other MCs, then Primo was that for producers/DJs everywhere. The link between old and new. But then, the light doth shine on thee once more.
A few weeks later, I saw the video for MC Lyte’s new lead single “Wonder Years” off Back To Lyte (see video above) and I was beginning to feel a little better. I also heard that Primo and Nas are in the works for a new album, Hip-Hop Is Dead, as well. It started to sound as the man who birthed “Just To Get A Rep” wasn’t about to blow his rep. But it wasn’t until I heard “Watch How It Goes Down” with up and coming Boston MC Termanology, when the waters came and cleansed thee.

[MP3] Christina Aguilera :: Ain't No Other Man
[MP3] Termanology :: Watch How it Goes Down
[MP3] Gang Starr :: Jazz Thing (Video Mix)
[MP3] Christina Aguilera Feat. Termanology :: Back in the Day (Primo Remix)

“So I'ma end this lecture and I betcha,
Those who kick dirt and do time I'm gonna get cha.
Cause I be kickin’ the real,
While they be losin’ the race tryin’ to chase mass appeal.”
(Guru, “Mass Appeal”)



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