Thursday, July 13, 2006

Satellite Radio 6: Travel In Time, Around the World, Commercial Free

I just got satellite radio & I must say its pretty intimidating. It’s like a blessing and a curse. There’s an infinite number of choices that range from Bollywood to anime scores with hosts from Snoop Dogg to David Bowie. I mean, what the hell can I say in a posting about the Golden Era of Hip-hop that DJ Premier, the host of his own show, hasn’t experienced? The beautiful thing about it is of course now everyday it's raining different music from around the world. I can finally get more of that German Schlager bumping!!!

Since I just started listening to it literally for about a week now, here are a few songs that I’ve really dug & that I could actually dig up (I guess you can say that I was in a pretty mellow mood).

[MP3] Shurik'n :: Le Samurai
[MP3] James Brown feat. Myra Barnes :: Message From the Soul Sisters
[MP3] Edgar Winter & White Trash :: Dying To Live
[MP3] Jermaine Jackson :: Castles of Sand
[MP3] Earl Klugh :: Living Inside Your Love
[MP3] Shirley Ellis :: Rubber Dolly (The Clapping Song)

With great power (of selection), comes great responsibility (see the video clip above…how can Dirk Nowitzki get pumped up listening to this?).

(ripping off Spiderman)


Blogger luckfactor said...

I don't know what Mista Hippo (fat as a hippo) is talking about. Knight Rider is a stud!

2:26 PM  

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