Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rock You in Your Face, Stab Your Brain wit' Your Nosebone

A while back, mashups were all over the place. I think it was Danger Mouse’s 2004 The Grey Album that sparked everything, but not too long ago you would see all sorts of cracked-out mashups on the net with the most unconventional pairings you could think of. The problem was, mashups weren’t that hard to create. Literally anyone with an instrumental and an acapella could throw one on top of the other on their turntables or computer, so I would say 90% of them were complete crap. I mean, people would throw some Biggie over an 80’s beat, and his flows would just be stumbling all over the beat because they didn’t match up, which is just plain bad production, if you can even call it that.

In the past few months though, it seems like the craze has died down (or just died), so I wanted to put up a few rare examples of what I think makes a good mashup. What sets these apart from the rest is the fact that the artist is able to seamlessly weave together two seemingly dissimilar songs and produce a completely new track with little alteration to either song. Believe me, it’s harder than it sounds. Since you probably already heard "Threat," if you have to pick one song to download, go with Panzah Zandah, where you can hear Ghostface tear it up over Radiohead's "Iron Lung." Ill.

[MP3] Bobb Deep :: Got it Twisted (Bob Marley and Mobb Deep)
[MP3] Bobb Deep :: Shook Ones Pt. II (Marley and Mobb Deep)
[MP3] Panzah Zandah :: Daytona 500 (Ghostface and Radiohead)
[MP3] Danger Mouse :: Threat (Jay-Z and the Beatles)

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