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Slept On: Jurassic 5's Power In Numbers (but in general as well)

With Jurassic 5’s soon to be released 3rd full length album, Feedback (scheduled to hit the shelves 7/25), having to deal with the glaring hole in production with the absence of Cut Chemist it seems appropriate that their previous album, with only 350,000 in sales, was aptly titled Power In Numbers. It seemed like it never got its due or the group as well, at least in the United States. It also seemed as if the title foretold the near future as well.

With the first single off of Feedback being a more commercial radio friendly song, “Work It Out” featuring the Dave Matthews Band (its like mixing oil & water, take my word for it), things were looking shaky. And listening to other Feedback tracks like “Radio”, “Brown Girl” and “Baby Please” it seemed that J5 lost their heart, soul and spirit that Cut Chemist brought (I heard that Cut recently signed a deal with Warner Bros. to do only solo albums) & were truly going for the power in numbers...of sales. And as you can tell by Cut Chemist’s first try at flying solo (The Litmus Test was more of a mixtape) with the album The Audience Is Listening (dropping 7/11…brainfreeze!!!), he’s pretty damn good at it (for you Exclusive Heads I’ve included two of my favorites). Whether or not that translates to him stepping down from J5 completely or not, hopefully some of you can drop some knowledge on me with your comments, it didn’t seem like J5 was headed in a good direction.

But then I heard the rest of Feedback. The other half of Jurassic 5’s production team, DJ Nu-mark, is no slouch, as he’s shown in such production gems in the past like “What’s Golden” and “Freedom” (both off of Power In Numbers, the later included below) and his strictly beats album Blend Crafters. And with the tracks below from Feedback (its like Xmas morning for you Exclusive Heads!) plus a few others, I think that half of the album is worth listening to. The other half…hey, we all gotta feed our kids I guess. So unfortunately the feedback on Feedback is that it's no Power In Numbers, where you can listen to it from start to finish without touching another button besides play. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that J5 will actually be J5 + 1 again someday soon (see picture above).

[MP3] Jurassic 5 :: Back 4 You
[MP3] Jurassic 5 :: Get It Together
[MP3] Jurassic 5 :: Future Sound

{Seems like Nu-mark was jonesin’ for the keys, at least with the songs I like off of Feedback.}
[MP3] Jurassic 5 :: Freedom

[MP3] Jurassic 5 featuring Nelly Furtado :: Thin Line {Yeah I like Nelly Furtado…what of it?!} [MP3] Jurassic 5 featuring Big Daddy Kane & Percee P :: A Day at the Races
[MP3] Jurassic 5 :: Hey
{I know that neither Cut or Nu-mark produced this, but its too smooth to leave off. I should have included this on my list for the summer. Sit back with a beer, bbq, and mellow out.}

[MP3] Cut Chemist :: Spoon

[MP3] Cut Chemist featuring Hymnal :: What’s the Altitude

[MP3] Van Full of Pakistans :: Y’all So Stupid (Spearhead X-Clean version)

{This is in response to an anonymous comment posted on the Nelly Furtado post (check it out). I know that Furtado’s been everywhere, I even saw her perform with Timbo on "So You Think You Can Dance" (don’t ask me why I watch that show…that’s a whole other post). We really do appreciate comments, but don’t expect us to not reply either. So I took it as a bit of a challenge, and dug around for a little. So here it is. If you’ve never heard of the group Van Full of Pakistans & their album Y’all So Stupid then you missed out on a big part of golden era hip-hop. These guys are more slept on than KMD was/is. If you don’t know…I guess you still don’t.}

Jurassic 5’s site
Cut Chemist’s site
if you really must hear the track with the Dave Matthews Band



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys rock! Thanks for the tracks. If you guys live in LA you should see the free Cut Chemist show this Tue. at Amoeba's. His album will come out the same day.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope to see you there.


3:14 PM  

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