Thursday, September 11, 2008


The GD Crew works hard to keep improving this blog. Most recently, we have not only updated our "Now In Rotation" section, but have also added a preview link, so when you click on a particular album cover icon, you will be able to preview the album and see why we have decided to put these bad boys in the rotation. Same goes for the "Seeing Sounds" or music related movie section. Click on any movie icon and you'll be able to watch the official trailer. Of course, sometimes we may not be able to find a good source for you to be able to preview the music or movie or book (especially books). And every now and then, there will be a little inside joke thrown in there. We also finally fixed the imeem player on the sidebar, so if you want to raise the volume or turn it off or whatever, you'll be able to do so without being constantly linked to purchase "Nufonia Must Fall". We must have increased Kid Koala's sales by at least double for the past 6 months! And finally, please let us know (Comments people!) if you'd rather have our sidebar imeem player on automatic shuffle, so that every time you visit us, you'll be hearing some groovy atmospheric music. OR if that just annoys the hell out of you and all you want to do is click on a video clip without having to hear some weird echo "mixing" going on. Decision '08. Vote or Die.

-Getdownnn Crew-


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