Saturday, August 29, 2009


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I'm going to go on a short rant now, so heed the warning. I'm sick and tired of going to these weddings, family gatherings, etc. and hearing "so when are you and _____ going to have the real wedding"? Mind Your F-cking Business.
What is the big deal, you'll know when we tell you. Check your mailbox for the invitation like everyone else. Why do you get the special rave pager number? Below is another great podcast that I subscribe to and listen to with a passion. Kevin Smith hits the nail on the head and expresses exactly how I feel...sort of.

Just getting mentally ready to hear that sh*t all day today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i get it. i really don't get weddings either. its supposed to be an event that signifies your independence/adulthood truly (you may graduate but still live with your parents for years...trust me), YET most times your parents are paying for it!!! way to show your independence.

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