Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still in Love with H.E.R.

I know I've been sleepin' on what's new and good in the hip hop world, but there's nothing like coming up on some fresh joints that re-ignite that same excitement you had with hip hop back when everything she gave birth to was real and something you could connect with. Don't trip, I'm not about to start to reminisce about how good hip hop was back when, I just wanted to share a few songs that bring it all back for me.

[MP3] Common Market :: Re Fresh
There's no better song to kick off this post than this Common Market anthem where RA Scion rhymes "Deep breath, feel the steez in effect, and let the breeze refresh..." Worddd! Now download it!

[MP3] Common Market :: Connect For

Always on a positive tip, the message and the beat on this one is the type of feel good hip hop that gets its message across, yet still sounds dope.
[MP3] The Foreign Exchange :: Daykeeper
Nicolay comes correct with some buttery smooth beats that may not quite fit into the traditional hip hop category, but I had to put it up with the rest. What can I say, these days I'm a sucker for joints like these.
[MP3] Median :: How Big is Your World (9th Wonder)
I really don't know much about Median, but when I saw that 9th was on the boards, I copped this with the quickness and was not disappointed. I love the chunky bassline and easy flows of Median - definitely one to keep an eye out for in the future.
[MP3] Binary Star :: Honest Expression
Ok ok, another old one that slipped under my crappyass hip hop radar - I love it even more for the Bruce Lee excerpt. I can't believe that even back in 2000 they were rhyming about the decline of hip hop. Sad.

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