Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cocaine is a hell of a drug

Here's my Whitney Houston story. I used to work at Universal Studios back in the day and one time, we had to wait to clear out the loading/waiting area of the Back II The Future ride because we were getting a VIP guest. So that means, usually 3 more ride cycles (the people in the ride had to finish, the people in their "lab" rooms had to board, and the people in the waiting area we're the last cycle) before the VIP person could get theirs. The ride is pretty short, if I remember correctly, about 7-8 minutes long. Anyways, Whitney Houston rolls in with her mom, aunt, and niece (I think...all I know is it was Whitney with two older ladies and a young girl). Automatically she starts giving everyone working there attitude about how long they have to wait...about 10-15 minutes. Whitney then goes on to say that we should stop the other people's ride (everyone at BIIF rides together as it is one big movie screen that everyone is watching together), so that her highness could have her ride by herself. Watching this interview makes me sick. She had everything and threw it all away because she's stupid. Her arrogance is still very apparent with how nonchalant she is when she breaks down how they smoked coke with weed to Oprah. She really shows no remorse at all. She gets what she deserves. That's my Whitney story/rant.

I wish they would have one more season of Being Bobby Brown.


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