Sunday, August 02, 2009

Our Mission Statement

Saw this very interesting article from The Morning News on the state of blogging, in particular music blogging, with some of the bloggers who have been holding it down before a Blogger even existed. Especially with someone, O-Dub (Oliver Wang), who's sage advice spawned this blog itself and who we consider The Blogfather. So I'd like to throw my 2 cents in the pot as well. In particular, regarding the question: There’s been a lot of co-option in your world by the music industry and its PR representatives. Are music blogs still special and/or different from the rest of the music press?
Now this may not be the most academic answer, and it isn't meant to be, but I like blogs like ours exist and started in the beginning not to have the latest and greatest music OR break the most recent news in the music industry gossip OR to rant about why we like or dislike a certain song, album, artist OR to even share the rarest gem that maybe we've only heard of, what we like to call Indiana Jonesin'...and while we may have participated once in a while in all of these methods (don't want to get caught with my hand in the cookie jar), we really just want to share what we like. It might not be the most riveting material out there, nor do we try to front like it should be, it simple is just what we are into at the time. It could even be a song or album that we like for just that day, moment, etc. and can't stand it for the rest of all time. So while this probably doesn't answer the question in the most direct way, I think it shows how blogs like these are different from the rest of the music press in that we are simply just sharing what we like and fortunately for us and our 2.5 loyal readers, the internet has given a bunch of bums like us a forum to do so...even if our readership dwindles everyday. Imagine people like us doing this for someone like Rolling Stone or The Source. So take it or leave it, this is what we like, maybe you've heard it before, maybe you haven't, we'll try to keep the boring ranting about why we like what we like to a minimum...since at the end of the day, in our busy lives only getting busier, who cares why we like it, as long as you like it for whatever reason...even if it's just because the beat's alright.

So here's to you 1.5 who continue to check us and we hope that maybe once every full moon we share something that makes you move and sing out loud "Smack her wit da dick, Smack her wit da dick...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up.

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