Thursday, June 25, 2009


A world of talent, a world of demons, but simply the greatest performer ever. I remember the day I literally bumped into MJ at Disneyland (right after Thriller came out) and his bodyguard moved me out of the way. When I told my dad, of course he didn't believe me. The next day at the park, they closed down the Dumbo ride for MJ. I remember my cousins forcing me to watch Thriller and having nightmares of growing nails for months after. Then dressing up as MJ for Halloween. I remember how we all had to watch MJ's Superbowl performance, the "Black Or White" video debut, his concert from Bucharest (who else can sell out a stadium in Bucharest?) on HBO like they were yesterday and the excitement we all went to school with to talk about it the rest of the day (MJ was a worldwide shared experience before Facebook & Twitter). And that "Smooth Criminal" video changed me forever (remember the arcade game?). I was making plans for the London tour, but now I'll never see him in concert and that saddens me. The greatest pop music performer ever.
You better believe the tribute mixes are on the way (see my Twitter for those). Our tribute is all things MJ on Getdownnn TV (always on the sidebar). We won't bore you with everything that he has done, just some of our personal favorites. Tune in now. RIP MJ.

Here are some of my favorites:



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