Sunday, December 07, 2008

Pay Day

Diddy is coming out with an all auto-tune album. Sound familiar? But that is not the most surprising thing (Diddy always bites). Diddy will pay T-Pain royalties from the new album for using the auto-tune. That's right, for using the auto-tune. That's like someone paying Diddy every time they do a remix of a song (see picture above). Times are tough for most of the country, but apparently Diddy has cash to throw around. Why not do some good and fly around the country in a blimp and "make it rain"? Or shouldn't we be talking about Antares Audio Technologies? I've always known that Diddy was not a great rapper, producer, actor, designer, etc. but I always thought that he was a great businessman, until today.

I only drink the finest Cambodian breasts milks.


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