Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back To School

Red Bull Music Academy (yes, that crack juice). Sort of like an Inside The Actors Studio for music, crazy list of guest lecturers (including the likes of Cut Chemist [where he shares some dope Ethiopian records], M.I.A. [breaks down immigration and about 1:15 in, M.I.A. shares one of her favorite Bollywood dance routines/songs] and countless others.

{CHUCK D FOR PRESIDENT!!! Chuck breaks it down from learning what a break was, why radio sucks, why you should know your history, how the U.S. is full of itself with GREED and how the animals are talkin' sh*t about us. Just watch the whole thing.}

{How Missy dissed Kool Herc, when he cut in the front of the line at James Brown's funeral, how he was a bodyguard for Christina Aguilera & the time when B.I.G. was naked eating a bucket of fried chicken.}

{Just Blaze breaks down flowing in 'Chinese'...about 1:39 into it. Also checkout why Just Blaze might make a club banger, but hates going to clubs.}

{They are all long, but this one is definitely worth watching all the way through. He breaks down the strategy of reinventing The Roots every album, how Scott Storch revitalized Timbaland and Dr. Dre's careers, how Coke saved Common, Dilla as one of the greatest drummers ever, 200+ hours to make D'Angelo's Voodoo, Cody Chesnutt and Death Row Records...just watch it.}



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