Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Respect Due (The Valley & Beyond!)

Now that the NBA playoffs on TNT are over, for NBA fans like myself, that means no more Inside The NBA until next fall, no more of Kenny Smith's "Gone Fishing" pics, Charles Barkley's wisecracks, or the special camaraderie between EJ, Barkley, Kenny and Magic that makes the show so dope. But fortunately, this also means we dont have to hear any more of Fort Minor's "Remember The Name" from the Rising Tied album. "Remember The Name" has been the theme song for "40 Games In 40 Nights" and is also a featured track on the video game NBA Live '06. As Chuck Barkley said, "Don't y'all have another song that we can play...and who the hell is this anyways?"

Dont get me wrong, I liked the song when it first came out, but that was almost a year ago. And like all Mike Shinoda/Linkin Park stuff it's got its cool mix of hip hop with rockish tendencies. But what a lot of people dont know, especially since they've conveniently left them off the TNT version of the song, is that there's a group called Styles of Beyond (SOB) on there (as well as a majority of the other tracks on the album) and they've been wrecking hip hop with consistently good material for some time now (since the late 90's). They've definitely paid their dues and BIG UPS to Shinoda for bringing more exposure to them. Originally reppin' the San Fernando Valley, MCs Tak and Ryu have been killing it lyrically with 2 full length albums (2000 Fold & Megadef) and a gang of dope remixes and guest spots. Here are some of my favorites & of course Peanut Butter Jelly Man to last us over the summer.

[MP3] Styles of Beyond :: Pay Me
[MP3] Styles of Beyond :: Style Warz



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